Sort Emails by Attachment Size For Gmail.

Find the Large Attachments Eating Up Your Gmail Space with a Simple Search. ~1000 email sorting time is ~30 sec
-Search Emails
-Sort by attachment size
-Move to trash
-Multiple selection for emails
-Undo last action
-View your email
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Transcator. Meme creator for cat lovers.

What would the cat say if she could speak our language?
Do you have trouble understanding your cat? Do you think she’s unpredictable? Do you lack communication in your relationship with your cat?

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2 Rockets Runner Game

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-Facebook on your browser
-IOS devices
-And android devices

What we can

Hi, I’m @keremtiryaki, founder of trototype. ( & co-founder of Kolay Randevu )
We can impement your app ideas and automate your cloud infrastructures. We apply DevOps, deployment automation, automated provisioning. And we can help you about these technologies:
aws, vagrant, docker, ansible, python, boto, boto3, nose tests with mock & moto, javascript, nodejs, firebase, meteor, ionic, angular, objective-c, swift, Unity3D, facebook web & mobile apps, twitter api, google apps script, gmail api, google analytics api, php, symfony, mysql, corona, lua, phonegap, sencha touch, gwt, google app engine, comet, grails, java, dokku, heroku, cloudflare, git, svn, bootstrap, jquery.


Recent projects:
Kolay Randevu (Salon Appointment Business App like treatwell) IOS Android
White label Food order app IOS Android
Gmail sort by size:
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